Thirtha (Yuganta Press, 2002)

Behind Dark Waters (Plain View Press, 2008)

Draw Me Inmost (Stockport Flats, 2009)

Trace (Finishing Line Press, 2011)

Poetry Anthologies

My poems appear in the following anthologies:

Chorus for Peace (University of Iowa Press, 2002)

En(Compass) (Yuganta Press, 2005)

Primal Sanities (Allbooks Books, 2007)

Letters to the World (Red Hen Press, 2008)

AfterShocks: The Poetry of Recovery (Santa Lucia Books, 2008)

Long Island Sounds (NSPS Press, 2007, 2008, and 2009)

Songs of Seasoned Women (Quadrasoul, Inc., 2009)

Indivisible: South Asian American Poetry (University of Arizona Press, 2011)

Creative Non-Fiction and Critical Essays

"Skin," Memoirs in the Light of Day, 2008

"Recent Trends in South Asian American Poetry," AWP Writer's Chronicle, 2010-11.

"Widow," Adanna, 2011.

"The Enchantment of Bread,"

"Kutti Revathi's Poetry,"A Megaphone: Some Enactments, Some Numbers, and Some Essays about the Continued Usefulness of Crotchless-pants-and-a-machine-gun Feminism, ed. Juliana Spahr and Stephanie Young (Chain Links, 2011).

“Making Your Creative Writing Class International in Scope” in Women and Poetry:Tips on Writing, Teaching, and Publishing by Successful Women Poets, ed. Carol Smallwood (Mc Farland, 2011)

"Activist Poetics: Taslima Nasrin and Kutti Revathi," NeMLA Conference Paper, 2013.

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